Advanced Nitrox

 In Technical

Price : 250 €

Increase further your level of comfort and safety by learning the simple procedures of diving with enriched air Nitrox beyond 40% oxygen. Advanced Nitrox is the first step on the long technical diving path

• Documents to be signed: medical statement, Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement,
Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding
• 18 years old
• Nitrox Diver
• 50 dives
• Can be combined with Decompression Procedures course

Specific Equipment required (provided for the course/ also available for rent/ for sale):
• Pony and oxy clean regulator
• Parachute and spools / reels, slate(s)
• Torche + audible surface signalling device, cutting device,
• Spare mask, join line, mirror
• Ideally 2 depth / timer devices (e.g. 1 computer + 1 depth/timer device)

• Physics
• Physiology
• Formula work
• Equipment consideration
• Dive Planning
• Common Mixing procedures
• Decompression

Practical Exercises:
• 4 dives ; cumulated bottom time > 100 minutes
• Land drills (gas analysis, marking, registration, planning…)
• Pre-dive checks
• Buoyancy, trim, fining techniques, stress management
• Gas management (change gas, share gas,…)
• What if’s; Safety drills

Prerogatives after certification:
(Reminder: Maximum depth 40 meters for recreational diving in the Red Sea):
• Maximum depth depending upon prior certification; max 40 meters (60 meters if Cmas3*)
• Use of mix gas until 100% O2