Decompression Procedures

 In Technical

Price: 300 €

Things are getting serious with this course which examines the theory, methods and procedures of planned stage decompression diving. It can be combined with the Advanced Nitrox course. From there, every course is incremental in terms of topics covered by the theory and in complexity of exercises underwater.

• Documents to be signed: medical statement, Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement,
Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding
• 18 years old
• Advanced and Advanced Nitrox
• 50 dives
• Can be combined with Advanced Nitrox

Specific Equipment required (provided for the course/ also available for rent/ for sale):
• Pony and oxy clean regulator; Twin set may be used for the course
• Parachutes (or lift bags) and spools / reels, slate(s)
• Torches + audible surface signalling device, cutting device,
• Spare mask, join line, mirror
• 2 depth / timer devices (e.g. 1 computer + 1 depth/timer device)

• 6 hours
• Overview of deco safety stops compared to required stop
• Physics
• Physiology
• Decompression options
• Equipment considerations
• Dive tables, computers, and software programs
• Dive planning
• Procedures

Practical exercises:
• 4 dives out of which 2 below 30 meters
• Land drills (gas analysis, marking, registration, planning…)
• Pre-dive checks
• Communication with team
• Buoyancy, trim, fining techniques, stress management
• Gas management (tanks handling, change gas, share gas,…)
• Planning and management of Decompression dives
• What if’s; Safety drills (free flow, BCD malfunctioning, blind exercises, ..)
• Other contingency and problems solving

Prerogatives after certification:
• Max 45 m
• Virtual (deco stops) overhead
• Deco using gas up to 100% O2