Recreational Diving

A clear and worm water all year round with a rich biodiversity (more than 30% are endemic species), world-ranking wrecks, superb and unique natural sea reserves, drift dives on remote reefs, … [...]

Tech diving

The diving world is constantly evolving: equipment and techniques changed and divers are now looking for more comfort, safety and pleasure. Non-Technical diving is often broadly defined as [...]


A Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) or Scooter brings a new dimension to diving: a fun and efficient way to cover more distance underwater, without having to fin. Current is no longer an obstacle. [...]


Over the past 3 years, one could see more and more divers with 2 tanks side mounted instead of a single tank back mounted. Among the numerous advantages brought forward, more flexibility, better [...]


Many rebreather divers select EXOCET or ATLANTIS to dive in the Red Sea because of the spacious equipment platform, the availability of consumables, gas and other equipment (3L tanks, bail-out, [...]

Solo Diving

Travelling by yourself and fearing that there won’t be a buddy available with the same experience and centres of interest as yours? you are a photographer or a videographer?,… you can dive solo [...]

Your dive club annual trip

(Diving clubs, Works council Dive Sections) You are managing a dive club in Europe or are part of a team in a dive club looking at organizing a dive trip abroad? You are part of a Work council [...]

VIP & Tailor-made cruises

Did you ever dream about celebrating with your best friends a major event in your life in a special way? Do you have a large family or a group of friends with whom you wish to “do something [...]

Private Guide

Available on EXOCET and ATLANTIS is the option to book a private guide for the week. Whether you are travelling by yourself and not willing to take the risk of not finding a buddy with your same [...]