DUP Photographer (PADI)

 In Recreational

Price: 100 €

Enjoying any single minute and facing exciting encounters under water is great, bringing back pictures or these moments ad sharing them with relatives at home is even better!

Learn with the course the basics of underwater photography and make sure you bring back home quality picture fully reflecting some of these unique moments

• Documents to be signed: Medical statement, Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement,
Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding
• 18 years old
• Open Water

Specific Equipment required (NOT provided for the course/ course done with the diver’s camera):
• Underwater camera
• White Slate
• Filters
• Computer and photo treatment software

• 2 hours
• Underwater light
• Camera and scuba
• Photographic subjects
• Care of Equipment

Practical Exercises:
• 2 dives
• Taking pictures! Composition, still and moving objects, playing with the light, …
• Review of the pictures taken between the dives

Prerogatives after certification:
(Reminder: Maximum depth 40 meters for recreational diving in the Red Sea):
• Maximum depth depending upon prior certification
• No overhead
• No decompression