Frequently Asked Questions

 In Know before you go
Will there be some-one at the airport to welcome us?

Yes, not only a DIVING ATTITUDE representative will be at the terminal entrance to provide you with the visa before the immigration booth (if you arrive in Hurghada or Marsa Alam) but also either Serge, Helene or the same representative will guide you from the exit of the terminal (right after customs) to the car/minibus/bus which will drive you to the boat.

Should you be already in a resort or another boat before the cruise, contacts will be made with that resort or boat to ensure a transfer to EXOCET or ATLANTIS boat in due time on the Saturday

Who will be on the boat to welcome us and organize the week?

Helene, Serge, Renzo and/or the dive guides will be on the boat to welcome you upon your arrival. The dive guides will then introduce you to the boat, daily schedule and overall organization during the 1st morning general briefing. They will be assisted by the 11 crew members all the week long to ensure all your needs are met: the captain, the engineer, a chief cook, a pastry chef (on EXOCET only) and their assistant, 2 inside crews (F&B and cabins) and 4 seamen.

What does a typical day look like
  • Wake-up between 5:30 am and 6:30 am (the dive guides will knock at your door; inform them if you wish to sleep and skip the 1st dive the next morning): tea, coffee and biscuits before the 1st dive briefing
  • 1st dive
  • Breakfast right after the 1st dive
  • Between 10:30 am and 12:00: briefing and 2nd dive
  • Lunch right after the 2nd dive
  • Between 3:30 and 5:00pm (depending the season) : briefing and 3rd dive
  • Pre-dinner snacks, inside or outside
  • Dinner between 7:00 and 8:30 pm (depending the season)
What about health and safety on board?
  • No vaccines is required for a trip to the Red Sea
  • All cabins are cleaned every morning during the 1st dive. Should you have any remark, kindly inform the guides immediately so that any efforts can be made to solve the issue
  • All fruits and vegetables are thoroughly rinsed. The cooking water is filtered
  • A pharmacy is available, at your disposal, in the living room. Kindly inform the guides if you finish any of the medicines so that it can be replenished the next week-end. Any medicine you wish to leave at the end of the week for the following divers will be mostly appreciated (not all medicines are available in Egypt and those with prescriptions in Arabic may not be always user friendly)
  • Always keep in mind to hydrate yourself regularly. Water and all soft drinks are free of charges and available in the fridges in the cabins, the dining room and the outside bar (sodas, fruit juice, water, tea, coffee, infusions).
  • Smoking inside the boat is strictly prohibited. It is allowed outside in designated areas
  • All cabins are equipped with a smoke detector, smoke alarms and extinguishers
  • In case of emergency, you will hear the bell ringing continuously.
    The Assembly point is at the bar on the upper deck. You will then follow the instructor’s directions
  • Life jackets are located under your beds. 2 life rafts are located on the upper (sun) deck.
    The crew and/or instructors will manage their launch if needed
  • An emergency exit is located at the far end of the corridor at the lower cabin level, should the main stairs be inaccessible
  • An evacuation plan is included in the brochure that can be found in the cabin.
What are the equipment available on board?
  • A multimedia station is available in the living room for watching movies, listening to music in and outside the living room, to download and share your pictures, etc …
  • A WIFI connection is available when the boat is close to the shore.
  • The mobile telephone coverage is good in the north of the red sea and along the coast ; but there is no coverage in Borthers, Deadalus, Elhinstone, Zabargad, Rocky, the St John’s and partly the Fury Shoals
  • A Jacuzzi is available on EXOCET, outside navigation time
  • Bathroom towels are changed one to two times a week
  • A bathrobe is available for use after the dives
What are the important rules or “code of conduct”on board ?
  • Do not through any paper in the toilets (use the bins ; they will be emptied regularly by the crew)
  • Respect early birds after 10:00 pm (do not slam doors and speak too loud).
  • Ensure that all doors are closed (or block them open) during navigation (cabin door, closet, bathroom).
  • Do not enter inside the boat when still wet or with a wet suit or swimming suit
  • Do not come for a meal while wearing only a swimming suit or a bathrobe J!
  • Inform the dive guides immediately in case of problem so that it can be fixed right away
  • Take care of the boat to find it as clean and neat when you come back!
How is arranged the end of the safari?
  • The boat comes back to the marina on the Friday afternoon. You will then get a confirmation of the transfer time and flight time for your departure the next day.
  • Dinner on the Friday night and breakfast on the Saturday morning (8:00 am) are arranged on the boat except if, due to the following safari departure time and harbour, the Friday night is arranged, at DIVING ATTITUDE cost, in a 3-stars hotel
  • You will be kindly asked to leave the cabins and the boat by 9:00 am at the latest on Saturday morning so that the crew can start cleaning and preparing the boat for the following safari. You can leave your luggage in the dining room until the time of your transfer to the airport
  • The dive guides can advise you on activities until your transfer time: shopping, beach club, massage, walk,… Hotel day use can be arranged at a moderate prices
What are the extra expenses I may have to pay for on the boat? (to be paid at the end of the week)
  • courses if any (see the courses section)
  • Drinks : Beer (2.5 € / unit), Expresso (1.5€ / unit), Wine (30€ / bottle)
  • Diving supervision (beyond certification) 8 € / dive
  • Equipment rental and purchase if any (see the equipment section)
  • Gratuities for the crew
Can I pay my expenses on board with my credit card

Yes, we accept cash, cheques and credits cards (in Euro and in EGP)