How to reduce our ecological impact ?

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Like you, by small daily actions we participate as much as possible in reducing our ecological impact :

We replace the Nespresso with real coffee beans. In addition to offering a better quality coffee and cheaper, we eliminate the use of aluminum capsules whose recycling is far from optimal in Egypt!

No need to bring us black soap, we have finally found a supplier of 100% organic cleaning products for all needs of boats, from the hull to the kitchen through the bathrooms and zodiacs!

Do not forget to come with your Bio products! And in case you do not know what to choose, we have set up a partnership with EQ-Love: their products are all certified organic! We particularly appreciated their solar range which respects the coral and the marine environment … Make your order of shampoos and sunscreens before coming in safari, with the code DIVING30 you benefit from 30% of reduction on all their products!