In Know before you go

We highly advise you to ensure that you are properly covered against any unforeseen circumstances which may arise during your diving trip. The payment of your trip with a credit card may cover you for some risks but rarely for those associated to diving activities ad stays on a live aboard.

Insurances must be subscribed before the trip, normally at the booking time. Your travel agency, if you use one, will provide you with a proposal, at least a trip cancellation and muti-risks ones.

Ultimately, when it comes to specific diving risks, DIVING ATTITUDE will propose that you subscribe a one-week or two-weeks DAN insurance for a moderate cost (20 €/ one week; 30 € / 2 weeks) the first day of you safari.

Diving Attitude is a partner of HYPERMED, an hyperbaric medical organization. In case of a decompression accident, our divers can access the Deco-Chamber directly and benefit from 3h free (Deco-Insurance included in the rates of our cruises). Tho objectif of this partnership is to financially support the Chambers of Hurghada and Marsa Alam and to allow the constant presence of hyperbaric doctors.

Please contact us for any further information