In Recreational

Price: 250 €

Longer Bottom time, shorter surface intervals, longer repetitive dive time, shorter decompression, reduce exhaustion, … are among many advantages of diving with Nitrox!

• Documents to be signed: Medical statement, Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement,
Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding
• 15 years old
• Open Water or N1

Specific Equipment required for the course (provided on board):
• Dive tanks and analyser
• Tables EAD, EAN and O2 exposure
• Calculator

• 2 hours
• Pro’s and con’s
• Physics and physiology
• Calculations
• Equipment

Practical exercises:
2 dives, including:
• Planning
• Gas Management (Best mix, Maximum depth, Partial Pressure of Oxygen)
• Analysis, marking and registration of gas

Prerogatives after certification:
(Reminder: Maximum depth 40 meters for recreational diving in the Red Sea):
• Maximum depth depending upon prior certification
• No overhead
• No decompression

Possible certification FFESSM, SDI, TDI or PADI (attention: if Padi, mandatory book in addition)