In Dive the way you like

Many rebreather divers select EXOCET or ATLANTIS to dive in the Red Sea because of the spacious equipment platform, the availability of consumables, gas and other equipment (3L tanks, bail-out, ..), the safety protocols in place and the flexibility – when-ever possible – in the dive planning and time.

DIVING ATTITUDE is member of the Hippo-Sub-Dive-Centres network, promoting diving with Submatix rebreathers ( But all rebreathers are of course welcome on board!

Dedicated Rebreather cruises are organized regularly, check our schedule !

Prices on board:

  • Set of 2 tanks (2L or 3L):   90€/week (30€ inflation package if you bring your bottles)
  • Sofnolime    13€/kg
  • Helium   0,09€/litre
  • Package B.O. (Without regulators) includes cylinders and gas – no refilling included :
    -Diluant Air 40€: S40 EAN32 or S80 EAN32
    -Normoxique 100€ in Egypt, 150€ in Sudan or Djibouti (subject to availability): S80 18/35 + S40 EAN50
    -Hypoxique 150€ (in Egypt only) : S80 10/50 + S80 18/35 + S40 or S80 EAN50 or EAN80