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Many rebreather divers select EXOCET or ATLANTIS to dive in the Red Sea because of the spacious equipment platform, the availability of consumables, gas and other equipment (3L tanks, bail-out, ..), the safety protocols in place and the flexibility – when-ever possible – in the dive planning and time.

DIVING ATTITUDE is member of the Hippo-Sub-Dive-Centres network, promoting diving with Submatix rebreathers ( But all rebreathers are of course welcome on board!

Dedicated Rebreather cruises are organized regularly, check our schedule !

Prices on board:

  • Set of 2 tanks (2L or 3L):   55€/week
  • Sofnolime    10€/kg
  • Helium   0,07€/litre
  • Bail-out 12L (air or EAN32)    Free
  • O2    Free

No rebreathers’ rental on board
No rebreathers’ training on board