Recreational Diving

 In Dive the way you like

A clear and worm water all year round with a rich biodiversity (more than 30% are endemic species), world-ranking wrecks, superb and unique natural sea reserves, drift dives on remote reefs, …

Get on EXOCET or ATLANTIS yacht and relax, you are on-board for a week and 16 dives awaits you, on the best sites along each of our 5 itineraries. Longitude 34 (the northern itinerary) and St John’s (the southern one) are generally considered easier than the 2 others (BDE – Golden Triangle and Austral Reserves) which will bring you on more remote reefs far from the coasts. Have a look at the itineraries section for more details.

With only a few exceptions (e.g. Rosalie Moller wreck whose deck stands at 30M), all dive sites allow nice and easy dives in the evolution area you are certified for, with a lot to see starting from the surface. And unless going down for a specific objective (a wreck, a canyon, a pelagic cleaning station…), you will find most colours and marine life in the 5-20 M area where most of the dive time should be spent.

Detailed briefings before each dive will allow you and your buddy to dive autonomously. But our dive guides are also there to guide you and share their knowledge of the site with you if you wish. Our objective will be to ensure that you dive the way you like, within the limits of your certifications of course, and in all safety.

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