Price: €150 Deep Diver certification gives you access to deep diving (up to 40 meters) while staying within the safety curve. Training includes planning, specific techniques, emergency procedures [...]


Price: 130 € Longer Bottom time, shorter surface intervals, longer repetitive dive time, shorter decompression, reduce exhaustion, … are among many advantages of diving with Nitrox! [...]

Advanced Open Water

Price: 200 € Improving your skills while having fun is possible with the Advanced Open Water course. The 5 specialty dives, out of which the deep and orientation ones are compulsory, will help [...]

Rescue Diver

Price: 260 € Prerequisites: • Documents to be signed: medical statement, Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement, Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding • 15 years old [...]

Solo Diver (SDI)

Price: 200 € You will learn with this course to dive alone while minimizing all risks and learning to face the most likely potential problems. This course can be combined with technical diving [...]


Price: 150 € As cave diving, wreck diving present specific risks and requires technical competencies that you will learn during this course. This is an introduction course (max. linear distance [...]