Safety on board & during diving

 In Know before you go

A thorough briefing the first morning of your safari will highlight the key safety rules and protocols, on board and when diving.


Key rules on board are:

  • Smoking inside the boat is strictly prohibited. It is allowed outside in designated areas
  • All cabins are equipped with a smoke detector, smoke alarms and extinguishers
  • In case of emergency, you will hear the bell ringing continuously. The Assembly point is at the bar on the upper deck. You will then follow the instructor’s directions
  • Life jackets are located under your beds. 2 life rafts are located on the upper (sun) deck. The crew and/or instructors will manage their launch if needed
  • An emergency exit is located at the far end of the corridor at the lower cabin level, should the main stairs be inaccessible
  • An evacuation plan is included in the brochure that you will find in your cabin


Medical oxygen, AED, 1st aid equipment and medicines, emergency protocols are available on board


Key rules when diving are:

  • Recreational diving is limited to 40 meters with no decompression in the Red Sea
  • Deeper than 40 meters and deco dives can be made only with the adequate certifications and equipment (Tech diving).
  • 3 equipment are compulsory by Law in Egypt, and must be carried by each diver at all time: a light, a reflector and a parachute
  • A safety tank is hanging below the boat during each dive
  • Orange parachute should be used for surface signalling and safety stop platform purposes. In Tech Diving, the use of a yellow parachute should only be limited to emergency situations
  • Recall procedures during dives, close to and far from the boat will be recalled during the 1st day briefing