Solo Diver (SDI)

 In Recreational

Price: 200 €

You will learn with this course to dive alone while minimizing all risks and learning to face the most likely potential problems. This course can be combined with technical diving courses

• Documents to be signed: Medical statement, Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement,
Solo Diver Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement
• 21 years old
• Advanced Open Water
• 100 dives

Specific Equipment required (provided for the course/ also available for rent/ for sale):
• Twin set, double exit tank or pony
• Regulator and pressure gage on each tank
• 2 parachutes (or lift bag) and 2 reels or spools, slate (s)
• 2 torches + audible surface signalling device, 2 cutting devices
• Spare mask, join line, mirror
• 2 depth and time monitoring devices (e.g. dive computer + depth/timer)

• 2 hours
• Gas planning and management
• Facing equipment related problems
• Facing other emergency situations
• Compulsory equipment
• Planning

Practical Exercises:
• 2 dives
• Preparation / Planning
• 200m swim with equipment on surface
• Navigation
• What if’s ; Safety drills

Prerogatives after certification:
(Reminder: Maximum depth 40 meters for recreational diving in the Red Sea):
• Maximum depth depending upon prior certification
• No overhead
• No decompression