Dive in Sudan with M/Y ATLANTIS – Spring 2019

Come and dive with us in Sudan early 2019 to explore the mythical dive sites of Sanganeb national park, Shaab Rumi and its hammerhead sharks, Suakin untouched reefs and those close to Eritrea, the incredible Umbria wreck, Precontinent 2, …


3 itineraries are possible, from early March to early June, based on 7, 10 or 15 days.

The 7 days itinerary starts South of Port Sudan to dive in the Suakin archipelago before heading North to dive the famous Sha’ab Rumi and Sanganeb reefs, ending up with the must-dive Umbria wreck. Until recently, the Suakin archipelago has only been dive by few lucky explorers and is still a very confidential area with numerous unspoiled small islands and reefs, an ideal environment for pelagic and sharks in particular.

Leaving Port-Sudan, 30 miles to its South, you will get to the Jumna reef, a large coral tower full of cracks and canyons and surrounded by pelagic fishs. You will spend time in particular on its Eastern side, famous for its schools of hammerhead sharks. More than 80 hammerheads are regularly spotted there.

8 miles away from Jumna is the Ambar Sha’ab atoll used for night mooring and where you will make at least two dives, in particular on its Southern side which provides an incredibly rich fauna and flora at all depths. Most interesting is to observe the particular morphology of the site with an amazing lagoon where nurse sharks, white tip sharks and large rays can be regularly spotted laying on the sea bed.

Navigating East of Ambar Sha’ab, you will reach the KearyLogan and Peshwâ reefs with their walls covered of soft coral around which swim and dance large pelagic fishs.

South-West of Ambar Sha’ab, passing the Seil Ada Kebir reef, you will get to the famous Pinnacle. It is probably the most fascinating dive site since it regularly hosts the largest concentration and diversity of sharks… Starting at your deepest part of your dive, you will probably do at least 3 circular tours of this coral tower on your way up, reaching its top where large jackfishs hunt in amazing large schools of fusiliers.

You will end the Suakin archipelago part of the circuit with a last dive on the Jumna reef, before heading north towards the Sanganeb lighthouse and reef, to dive its Southern part and, weather permitting its Northen part. You will also dive the Shaab Rumi reef, famous for its encounters with hammerheads.

Last but not least, the last dive will be done on the mythical Umbria wreck, only miles away from Port Soudan.

Even better if you can extend your holidays and optimize the travel costs to/from Sudan over a longer stay, choose the 10 or 15 days circuit, which go through the same dive sites as the 7-days one, but to which is added a number of small islands and unspoiled reefs located in the most southern part of Sudan, at the border with Eritrea: A unique opportunity to discover a still virgin underwater world around the reefs of Abu AisaDahrat QabDarrakaEd DomeshQab MiyumEd Dak and  Dahrat Abid.