• Serge
    Serge Manager

    Languages: English, French, Armenien

    Serge is certified BEES1 (French Diving Agency) and PADI OWSI. His whole live has been dedicated to diving and, since 1996, to DIVING ATTITUDE. Fluent in Arabic, he developed strong ties with the local Egyptian community in Hurghada. Many years at sea during the diving season, at the dry dock during the annual maintenance campaigns, Serge designed from scratch the EXOCET yacht and managed the remodelling and upgrades on ATLANTIS. He is already working on the next yacht plans!

  • Hélène
    Hélène Manager

    Languages: French, English

    Helene joined Serge in 1997 after a career start as IT Engineer in France. After several years working as Dive Master on DIVING ATTITUDE chartered boats, she then decided to settle on-shore (with her kids) and to focus on the marketing and administrative tasks of DIVING ATTITUDE. Helene also created with a friend the French School in Hurghada which now welcome more than a hundred kids every year!

  • Ayman
    Ayman Manager

    Langues parlées: Anglais, Arabe

    Ayman is the right arm of Serge (or maybe both arms …) in Hurghada. He joined DIVING ATTITUDE 10 years ago and supervised the construction of the EXOCET yacht as well as the ATLANTIS remodelling. Ayman is involved in all operational, maintenance and investment matters. “There is always a solution and a smile” with Ayman.

  • Nathalie
    Nathalie BOOKINGS

    Languages: French, English

    A long standing friend of Helene and Serge, Nathalie joined Diving Attitude early 2016 to handle administration and bookings with Helene and to manage our partners and divers network in Europe. Based in France, Nathalie also comes regularly to Egypt and boards either EXOCET or ATLANTIS as Diving Instructor (FFESSM BEE1 and PADI OWSI).  She can answer all enquiries and questions regarding circuits, boats, dive sites, training courses, equipment, etc … and can be reached via e-mail at Nathalie@divingattitude.com or by phone at +33 7 81 08 03 38

  • Niko
    Niko Operation Manager

    Languages : French, English, Arabic

    Niko joined Diving Attitude in 2015 as Padi Instructor and TDI after several years for other Red Sea cruisers. Niko speaks Arabic, he knows most of the dive sites, crews and boats in the area.

    Since March 2018, Niko strengthens the team ashore, he brings to the team of instructors his experience and organizational skills.

  • Stéphane

    Languages: French, English

    Stephane joined DIVING ATTITUDE in 2011 as PADI MSDT and TDI Instructor after several years working in industrial companies in Europe and Asia. Discovering and introducing new dive sites to red-sea seasoned divers, boarding as private guide, focussing on tech diving courses are what he likes most.

  • Aurélie

    Languages: French, English

    Aurélie has been working for more than 2 years in the Red Sea. She is certified as instructor with the French FFESSM agency and with PADI and joined us early spring 2015. She knows already very well most dive sites, and the fauna and flora hold no more secrets for her.

    Since 2015, Aurélie also became TDI (Tech) instructor, up to Trimix level !

    Energetic and enthusiastic, she will share with you her good mood and knowledge over our various itineraries and training courses.

  • Julien

    Languages : French, English

    Julien travelled a lot and worked in a number of countries, including Australia, Madagascar….

    PADI Instructor, he is also SDI/TDI Instructor, very interested in Tech diving!

    Dynamic, playfull, always happy to help, explain, teach…. We can ask him (nearly) anything and he will do his utmost to please you!

  • Rémi

    Languages: French, English, Spanish

    Rémi joined the team since July 2017. OWSI and even IDC staff, a tech diver, he continues to train… He is now Adv.Nitrox Instructor, then DecoPro Instructor and more recently Extended Range and Trimix Instructor !

    His good humor is contagious, kind, considerate, joker … we do not get bored for a moment with him!

  • Lionel

    Languages : French, English

    For 15 years in Egypt, Lionel has been able to train and discover the Red Sea to many divers! He joined our team early in the 2018 season.

    Lionel is not very attracted by the Tech, but he will animate recreational safaris like nobody else! His humor and kindness are appreciated by all …

  • Ariane

    Languages : French, English

    Ariane came to Egypt when she was 19 years old! She worked for 4 years in Diving Centers and on Liveaboards while passing her professional levels.
    She then worked in Sudan, Maldives and the Mediterranean where she finalized her DEJEPS!
    She is now coming back to her “first love”, the Red Sea, with Diving Attitude …
    Her professionalism, patience and kindness make the unanimity among divers!

  • Noémie
    Noémie CAMERA-WOMAN 😉

    Passionate about diving, biology and ecology, Noémie spent 7 years with the Cousteau team to develop applied research programs.
    She then became a video operator on dive trips for many operators.
    Her images have been awarded with several prizes and contests!

    She joins the Diving Attitude team as Free Lance and goes from boat to boat … You may have the opportunity to meet her on your next cruise !