Tech diving

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The diving world is constantly evolving: equipment and techniques changed and divers are now looking for more comfort, safety and pleasure.

Non-Technical diving is often broadly defined as limited in depth (40 meters in the Red Sea), staying away from overhead environments (such as wreck penetration, decompression stops…), using reliable but simple equipment (single tank, open circuit…), and not requiring extensive pre-dive planning.

Technical Recreational Diving allows going beyond these depth limits, increasing bottom time (by using twin sets, pony bottles, gas mixes up to 100% pure oxygen…) and enhancing one’s safety and comfort zones.

Dive sites, unreachable or limited in depth or time otherwise can then be explored: the Arch in Elphinstone, the lower parts of the Numidia and Aïda wrecks in the Brothers, the Canyon in Thomas Reef, the Zealot wreck in Daedalus, The Gulf Fleet 31 in Shaab Rur, …

With EXOCET and ATLANTIS, member of Technical Diving International, DIVING ATTITUDE is equipped to provide a wide range of technical diving training and services aboard.


Technical diving training includes:

  • Intro to Tech (Discover tech diving)
  • Gas Blending (Prepare what you breath!)
  • Advanced Gaz Blending (Add a 3rd gas in the mix)
  • Sidemount (Tanks on the side, no more backmount)
  • Advanced Nitrox (breathe up to 100% Oxygen)
  • Deco Procedures (manage Deco stops)
  • Extended Range (depth down to 55 meters)
  • Advanced Wreck (penetration beyond natural light in full safety)
  • Normoxic trimix (depth down to 60 meters, breathing helium)
  • Hypoxic trimix (the last step, down to 100m! )


With a good health and mental fitness, these training modules are simple and accessible: some training and exercises during your exploration dives, a few hours of theory and discussion with certified instructors and you are ready for new adventures in full safety! Which diver would not like to spend a little more time under the water to see what few others have seen and to increase his chances of exceptional encounters?


Services include:

  • Equipment rental (Twinset, Pony, Tech equipment…),
  • Equipment and configuration advices (for free)
  • Dive planning (for free)
  • Gas blending and filling (for free)
  • Deep and/or deco dive guiding

The services are dedicated to certified tech divers looking for a reliable dive live-aboard where they can practice their skills, exchange with other tech divers, get advices from tech instructors and explore dive sites usually known within the non tech diving limits.


Package for equipment:

  • S40 EAN50 or EAN80 with O2clean regulator = 20€/dive or 150€/week in Egypt / 25€/dive or 200€/week in Sudan
  • BI 2xS80 = 60€/week


Trimix – Circuits Ouverts :

  • Standards DA for Back Gas : Air, 10/60, 12/55, 14/50, 18/35
  • Standards DA for Travel Gaz and Deco : EAN50, EAN80, 21/40, 30/30, 25/25
  • O2 free in Egypt / package 30€/week in Sudan
  • Helium = 0,09€/Litre in Egypt / 0.13€ in Sudan or Djibouti (according to availability)


Closed Circuits (Rebreathers) :

  • Set Rebreather tanks 2x 3L or 2 x 2L = 60€/week
  • Sofnoline = 13€/kg in Egypt / 15€ in Sudan or Djibouti (according to availability)
  • Bail-out S40 or S80 Air or EAN32 (without regulator) = 40€/week
  • O2 free in Egypt / package 30€/week in Sudan or Djibouti (according to availability)
  • Helium = 0,09€/Litre in Egypt / 0.13€ in Sudan or Djibouti (according to availability)
  • Standard Package B/O for Air diluant : 1 S80 ou S40 EAN32 = 70€
  • Standard Package B/O for Normoxique : S80 18/35 + S40 EAN50 = 130€/week in Egypt – 150€/week in Sudan or Djibouti (according to availability)
  • Standard Package B/O for Hypoxique : S80 10/50 + S80 18/35 + S40 or S80 EAN50 or  EAN80 = 180€/week in Egypt – Non applicable in Sudan or Djibouti