Theme cruise

 In Dive the way you like

We organize regularly theme cruises which provide the opportunity, over a regular schedule and itinerary, to focus on a specific activity or topic linked to diving.

  • Biology cruise: for the environment lovers and those divers curious to know more about aquatic life. Among other topics, introduced by a biologist, divers can discuss and get to know more about reefs (coral formation), aquatic life defense strategies, mimetics and associations, the sexual life of fishes, …
  • Technical dive cruise: with a limited number of divers on board to ensure comfort, safety and dedicated itineraries and dive sites. Open to divers certified N3+Advanced Nitrox and over (FFESSM), Deco Procedures, Extended Range, TrimixNormoxic, Trimix Hypoxic (TDI). Among the dives sites proposed during these cruises the Arch in Elphinstone, the lower parts of the Numidia and Aïda wrecks in the Brothers, the Canyon in Thomas Reef, the Zealot and the stone wrecks in Daedalus, The Gulf Fleet 31 and Colonna IV in ShaabRur, the Lara wreck in Gordon reef, …
  • Rebreathers cruise: with a limited number of divers on board to ensure comfort, safety and dedicated itineraries, dive planning and time. Several dive routes and dive times are proposed on every dive site to cope with the various certification levels and divers wishes
  • AQUALUNG Equipment test cruise: Did you know that AQUALUNG was a brand created by Cousteau in 1946 to market a dive regulator in the British speaking countries? It is today a subsidiary of L’AIR LIQUIDE group (which also produces gas such as Oxygen and Helium used on board EXOCET and ATLANTIS), and one of the leading manufacturer of diving equipment since 1943. DIVING ATTITUDE is a centre partner of AQUALUNG. These cruises allow all divers to try without any commitment to buy, all equipment mad available by AQUALUNG. Aside or testing and comparing these equipment to one’s own, it always lead to exchanges with other divers and with a representative of AQUALUNG which always have fun stories to tell!
  • Family cruise: on a simplified Northern Red Sea itinerary, these cruises allow all guests to have fun, from snorkeling for the youngest to diving advanced sites for the certified divers. Try dives (2 per day), Junior courses, banana boats, … numerous activities are taking place on board for the youngest … and the others!

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