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So much already said and written, so often dived by many and yet, divers are always coming back to the Red Sea: a clear and worm water all year round with a rich biodiversity (more than 30% are endemic species), offering easy recreational to most demanding technical dives opportunities, world-ranking wrecks penetrations, superb and unique natural sea reserves, drift dives on remote reefs, … and for those visitors coming from Europe, only a few hours away from home with little to no jet lag.

The Red Sea benefits from a dry and warm climate with average temperature ranging between 19°C during winter (going down to 14°C in evenings) and 34°C in summer. Water temperature reaches an average of 24°C.

The best period to come diving in the Red Sea is between April and November.

Air and Water temperatures in the Red Sea:

Air min141517212427282927241915
Air max222326303437383835322724

Typical day schedule:

  • Between 05:30 a.m. and 06:30 a.m. – Wake-up – The guides will knock at your door. Tell them the night before if you wish to skip the 1st dive & sleep longer. Tea, coffee and biscuits before the 1st briefing followed by the 1st dive
  • After the 1st dive : Breakfast
  • Between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.: Briefing and 2nd dive
  • After the 2nd dive: Lunch
  • Between 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. (depending the organization) : Briefing and 3rd dive
  • Dinner between 7:00 p.m. and8:30 p.m. (depending the season, may be later if night dive)


Concerning diving :

  • 3 dives per day are organized (2 in the last day, and sometimes if the cruise starts late also on the first day ) average for a total of 16 dives in the week. Night and day dives. Weights and aluminum 12 liters tanks with DIN / International are provided. It is possible to reserve a 15L tank with supplement. All our tanks are double-valves.
  • NITROX is free on board for licensed divers of a patent Nitrox Padi/CMAS/TDI/NCR or equivalent (possible quick training on board) – upon availability.
  • Each diver without exception must have a dive computer, surface marker buoy, torch and a reflector (mirror).
  • 2 Europeans dive-instructors will be on board. We recommend a CMAS 2* (or Advanced) to be able to dive autonomously and to take full advantage of all our dive sites but we do accept a CMAS 1* (or Open Water) on the Longitude 34 and St John’s cruises with mandatory guidance (Additional cost for guiding by Diving Attitude staff = 8€/dive – 2 dives/day max) or passing a CMAS 2* (or Advanced) during the week. The instructors are in charge of the organization of the dives, detailed briefings, supervision and training. Divers are grouped together or paired and are not systematically guided. We require a strict respect of the prerogatives associated with your certifications.
  • The Egyptian regulation limits recreational diving at 40m. The limit of 40m may only be exceeded in the context of Tech diving (only on Atlantis or Exocet):  We offer on board of the 2 boats  pony bottles that can be inflated up to 100% O2 (supplement) to increase the volume of gas available and to perform a decompression with one (or more) enriched mixture(s). This option is open to divers starting from CMAS 3* with a Adv Nitrox certification, or Extended Range at TDI.

Aside of your dive gear, what should you bring?

  • Your valid passport or a NIC (+ 2 ID photos) both with a minimum  of 6 month`s validity for the visa.
  • Dive documents: Dive certification cards, dive log, insurance and medical statement (less than a year old)
  • Dry change of clothes for the week, including a light cold or wind breaker (spring and autumn)
  • Sun protection items such as sunglasses, hat
  • Organic shampoos and sunscreens!  In case you do not know what to choose, we have set up a partnership with EQ-Love: their products are all certified organic! We particularly appreciated their solar range which respects the coral and the marine environment … Make your order of shampoos and sunscreens before coming in cruise, with the code DIVING30 you benefit from 30% of reduction on all their products!
    On our side, we source as much as possible Eco-friendly maintenance products for boats, zodiacs, interiors … The soap provided in the bathrooms is also organic !
  • Cash and/or credit card for expenses on board.
  • Beach towel: a bathroom towel (changed during the week) and a bathrobe (for after the dives) are provided
  • Common medicines such as motion sickness medication are available on board. Do not hesitate to bring your own should you feel more comfortable taking medicines you know
  • Small spare dive equipment: (check dive computer battery & condition of your gear before leaving!)
  • Anything you wish for pre-dinner drinks, drinks and/or your favourite snacks!


What not to bring (but this is still up to you) ?

  • An alarm clock
  • Expensive items (jewellery, computers, …)
  • Make-up…


Please contact us for any further information