In Recreational

Price: 150 €

As cave diving, wreck diving present specific risks and requires technical competencies that you will learn during this course. This is an introduction course (max. linear distance to the surface 40 meters and natural light always at sight) which may lead to the technical course “Advanced wreck”, one of the most complete and demanding technical diving course.

There are so many wrecks to explore in the Red Sea so do not miss the opportunity!

• Documents to be signed: Medical statement, Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement,
Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding
• 18 years old
• Open Water SDI or Adventure PADI

Specific Equipment required (provided for the course/ also available for rent/ for sale):
• Slate, compass
• Lines / spools or reels
• 2 torches and cutting devices
• Visual and audible surface signalling device

• 2 hours
• Why diving on wrecks
• Main hazards with wrecks
• Specific Equipment required
• Diving and penetration technics
• Emergency procedures

Practical Exercises:
• 3 to 4 dives (including 2 without penetration)
• Planning
• Orientation, cartography
• Technics (finning, life line….)
• Safety drills ; what if’s

Prerogatives after certification:
(Reminder: Maximum depth 40 meters for recreational diving in the Red Sea):
• Maximum depth depending upon prior certification
• No overhead
• No decompression

Possible certification SDI or PADI (attention: if Padi, mandatory book in addition)